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We have prepared a lot of Japanese tapas and a wide variety of Japanese soul food for main dishes. It's "UDON".

Udon is a simple noodle made by wheat flour with salt water. The history of Udon is older than Ramen or Soba, so it can be said that it is the most long-loved noodle dish in Japan.

The Taisho period ( 1912 - 1925 ) in Japan, which Kakunosuke based its concept on, was a new era of modernization with the splendid inflow of cross-cultural exchanges.


The logo design reflects the essence of the Taisho era in striking typography with playful curves and lines.

We are wishing to share such experience with our guests. We would like to warmly welcome our guests who are longing for new encounters. At Kakunosuke, we would like to share such a sense of Japan with guests through our service, space, and the cuisine.

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